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Research and Development (R&D)

Due to the rapid progress of membrane technology in water treatment and desalination, Avin Palayesh Niroo R&D division established with the aim of developing the knowledge of polymeric membranes and their applications.

Utilizing the theoretical studies and practical experiments, unexpected and adverse behavior of membrane systems are investigated in this division so that; the correction guidelines are suggested to the design and engineering divisions to be applied to the further projects.

Incorporating with membrane experts in local and foreign scientific research centers and utilizing an outfitted laboratory for testing the industrial membranes performance, we have been enabled to keep our company up to date on membrane science progresses and their new applications.

Current Research Activities:

  • Full physical, chemical and structural exploration of polymeric membranes,
  • Practical study of effective parameters on membrane performance,
  • Study of organic, inorganic and biological fouling,
  • Practical study of chemical cleaning and membrane restoration,
  • Practical study of industrial membranes performance,
  • Deliberation of nitrate removal techniques from potable water,
  • Comprehensive Study of desalination plant brine disposal solutions,
  • Comprehensive study of hybrid systems,
  • Study of bore removal techniques,
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