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Fan Niroo was established in 1993 under the articles of incorporation of the free trade laws of the IRI. Very quickly, Fan Niroo confirmed itself as the largest and sole expert company throughout Iran in the field of desalination based on the proprietary know how on Multi Effect Distillation (MED) systems.

Within recent years, Fan Niroo grew in every aspect of the industry, from technology to manufacturing to human resources. It grew from a group of 5 dedicated engineers and technicians to 70 employees. It has so far designed manufactured, installed, operated, overhauled, maintained and optimized 18 of desalination plants throughout Iran. And it has two workshop & factory in around of Tehran for manufacturing, improving, and assembly of parts needed for desalination plants.

Bonian Daneshpajouhan Institute as a research & development institute has organized some of the best high skilled engineers and graduate student and arranges professional teams in high technology field such as Bio & Nano.

Desalination team gives R&D and engineering services to Fan Niroo, the effective interaction between this team and the others leaded to some high tech innovations in the field of desalination

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