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UF/MBR Membrane Systems

Ultrafiltration (UF) systems are among the first achievements of mankind in the fast growing trend of membrane technologies and discovery of their various applications in different industries. The UF systems remove all pollutants, bacteria, viruses, suspended solids, etc. without any effect on dissolved matter. These systems are a known solution to many of the intractable problems confronting different industries as they recycle even valuable effluents back to processes.

Developments in the UF systems and the introduction of the immersed UF system have radically transformed the wastewater treatment industry. Immersed UF system accompanied by aeration namely membrane bio-reactor (MBR) presented itself as a new phenomenon in wastewater treatment industry.

UF/MBR Membrane System Applications

  • Alternative to clarifiers, media filters, and traditional wastewater treatment,
  • Pretreatment for NF/RO systems,
  • Pretreatment of ion exchange systems,
  • Biological treatment of wastewater,
  • Applications in food industries and slaughterhouses,
  • Wastewater treatment in paint, pulp and paper, textile, etc. industries.

UF/MBR Membrane System Features

  • Modular design for easy expansion,
  • Low operating pressure and high efficiency,
  • Consistent product quality and quantity with an SDI of less than 1 for NF/RO systems,
  • Membrane and pressure vessel reduction and long membrane life in NF/RO systems,
  • BOD, TOC, Turbidity, TSS, nitrate, phosphate and biological pollutants removal,
  • Reducing NF/RO systems operating pressure leading to a decrease in energy consumption,
  • Easy design and problem solving and automatic commissioning and cleaning,
  • High contact level, fewer footprints and construction, and a more effective treatment,
  • Reduction in required manpower levels,
  • Longer membrane life against different destructive water and wastewater.
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